The True Reason…

I wrote this a few months back after a discussion with a friend.


The other day I was having one of those ‘talk sessions’ with a close friend of mine. You know the usual girl stuff (No not unicorns and fluff). Anyway, we kept talking late into the night and the topic came to hijab and she said something which took me aback and for a few moments I didn’t know what to say to her. I was talking about how much I love wearing hijab and how it’s just awesome and stuff. And then she said she doesn’t really like the hijab. I was shocked as this girl just started wearing the hijab a few months back, why would she say that? Then she said, ‘I like my hair and I like to style it. I like trying on those small cute clips. So I don’t really like the hijab. But I wear it because I know Allah wants me to wear it.’ At that moment such a rush of emotions went through me! I was so proud of her and was so honoured that I am her friend!

What she said to me set me thinking about why we do things. I have worn my hijab through my teenage years (In varying stages) and I have ready a LOT of articles which talk about the hijab and its benefits and how it is a liberator and all. So when people ask me why I wear it I give these reasons. I know in the back of my mind that it is something Allah wants me to do but I never really give that the priority while explaining my reasons to wear hijab. It is when my friend said this to me that it really struck me that anything and everything I do, the first reason for it should be to gain the pleasure of Allah. So while hijab does free me from being judged by many of the standards society sets and earns me some extra respect (And sometimes unfriendly stares :D), those are not the reasons I wear it. When I have established my trust in Allah then I should be ready to follow anything that he asks me to do, no questions asked. Similarly if Allah dislikes that I do something then I should give it up no matter how much I like it. I might like drinking (I don’t :D), or being really chummy with those from the opposite sex, or rebelling against my parents but I can’t do it because Allah has told me not to drink, not to be too free with those from the opposite sex (With exceptions ) and to respect and obey my parents. I might not see what good is there in not doing it but I’ll try to do it anyway as that’s what believers should do. Because really, only Allah knows the true wisdom behind what he has commanded us to do and we should trust him as he knows better than us what is best for us. And insha Allah, we’ll be rewarded putting Allah’s pleasure before ours. After all he is the creator and has more rights on you than anyone else.

This friend has been a true inspiration for me; she changed her lifestyle radically and has given up things that she used to love just for the sake of Allah. May Allah reward her for this and keep her steadfast on this deen. And may we be resurrected together under the shade of Allah’s arsh on the day of Judgement!

Till then let’s remember our first and last reason for everything around us and everything within us- Allah.


What do YOU think?

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