Big Bad World?

How many times have we found ourselves disappointed/angry/ frustrated with things around us, the people we deal with…why even with life itself?! When we start viewing everything with such a negative light, something inside changes (or breaks?)…for worse.

How do we check ourselves? How do we filter out the bad in this ‘big bad world’?

Here is what Suhail Sherif has to say about it…

“It’s a big bad world out there”

Actually, it’s not. The world out there is big. And diverse. But you
can’t just call it bad. And here’s why.

Remember that by world here, I mean everything that we see and
interact with. It’s everything that we consider when we think about
our life.

One important point to note here is that we are what our world makes
us, since our world is everything that has affected us. Needless to
say, this makes it necessary for us to control our world. (Although
this post continues, the previous sentence is the most important of
them all) And this is also why thinking that it’s a bad world does us
no good. I personally believe that my world is good, although it can
be better. So how do we make our world good? Easy. We filter out the

Filtering out the bad:
It’s easy to recognize bad when we see it. All we need is moral integrity.
But first, let’s get a clearer picture of integrity. You must have had
some friend sometime whom you had doubts about, doubts which
ruined/nearly ruined your friendship. When you were friends, the
friendship was the basis of all your dealings with him/her(/it?). The
doubts attacked the friendship, affecting everything that relied on
the friendship. This shows a lack of integrity in the friendship. Here
the best step is to confront the doubt, and depending on the outcome,
healing or breaking the friendship altogether. Bringing back the
Applying the same logic to your world, the way you deal with your
world must have a set of integral morals behind it. This way you can
keep the good and ignore the bad.

But we are still humans, our thoughts may change, and so will our
morals. And as they say, “A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest
link”. And having our whole world change based on our emotions is very
unstable. So we turn to friends. The fault here is that they are
humans too. And it’s not like we need peer pressure to complicate
stuff anyway. So we turn to a more stable guiding force. We make this
guiding force the most basic part of our world. We make it the
integral link between everything in our world. And we stick to it
always, making our world the most stable it can be. We use it to
filter out bad. And our world is good once again.

I’m guessing you don’t need me to tell you what that guiding force should be.

Signing off. Assalaamualaikum

Suhail Sherif is a student of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Suhail likes reading-books and webcomics, playing Tennis/Table Tennis. He also codes in his free time!


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