The First Post!


Seems weird posting something with no one to read yet. Anyway, here is the first post!

I feel like a proud mommy showing-off her kid to the world! 😀

Well, as you all know this blog is a platform for the Muslim Youth to come together and discuss matters which affect them, be it in school, college or Uni.

The reasons for starting this blog are numerous. I’ll discuss a few-

I feel Muslim youth lack a space where they can share their experiences on one of the most important aspects of our life- Education. We are not just students, we are Muslim Students. And that, changes everything.

For those who are starting out on college, I want this blog to provide them with some advice/tips as to how to cope with the new environment. Often time some of us experience a huge cultural shock when we step into the university life. Coming from India, studying in a British University was something so different for me. I spent weeks trying to ‘fit in’ with my peers. Nothing extreme, just that by trying to ‘fit in’ I ended up compromising on some of my values and beliefs. Alhamdulillah, I managed to pull myself out of that mess. However, I feel I could have escaped this if I was better prepared for Uni. Hence, this. I hope in this blog you’ll find some help in those initial days where everything appears alien.

For others, I want this to be a space where you can share your experiences as a student. How you pushed through coursework, assignments, clubs and activities as a Muslim. What are the things you feel are necessary to remain grounded in your faith when you might, often times, be surrounded with things that are blatantly against your beliefs. What should freshers be wary of? Your experience might be invaluable to some one else.

I also want this to be a platform for us to share our talent with our peers- who knows if we have a budding writer, a would-be activist or a fiery film-maker amongst us?!

I pray that Allah blesses this venture and makes it beneficial for the Ummah.




What do YOU think?

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